Imposter Gremlins, Work-Life Balance Unicorns, and other Mythical Beasts

Our professional life is deeply personal—no matter how much we might try, completely separating work and home is a fairy tale.

Toxic work environments drain your energy and leave you traumatized, but the answer isn't as easy as just changing jobs.

With my dual specialties in counseling and career coaching, I can help you identify what's keeping you stuck—from simple mindset shifts to the more complex oppressive systems that keep us from being able to change jobs/career paths.

My Process:

Unfortunately, we left the magic wands in childhood.

However, when we invest in ourselves by working on our patterns, we see miracles throughout our entire life—not just at work.

In our first couple of sessions, we will get to know each other. My goal is to understand who you are and the context in which you live and work so that we can co-create a plan for meeting your goals.

I like to use this metaphor: You are the driver, and I’m in the passenger seat helping you navigate. I have different tools to offer, and you choose which ones to use based on the direction you want to go. Lots of people come in unsure of direction, they just know they need to start moving, that's ok, reaching out and starting counseling is movement, and we can build as we go. We can change direction at any time.

Feedback going both ways is incredibly important. Clients and colleagues have described my approach as direct and compassionate. I want to celebrate and acknowledge your progress. I also want to acknowledge and discuss when you might feel stuck, or something isn’t working.

I encourage people to meet weekly because, in my experience, you will see results more quickly. I want to work myself out of a job. Due to the nature of our work together, we might eventually start meeting every two weeks and then monthly.

My style is both compassionate and direct as I support and challenge you on your growth journey. 

I understand the internal and external stories and systems that are holding you back from your most unapologetic self.

Let's work together to get clarity on the challenges that are keeping you from building your most meaningful pathway in life.

Career Trauma can look like:
  • microaggressions
  • bullying
  • discrimination
  • passed over for promotion/new opportunity even though you are more than qualified
  • burnout
  • not feeling valued/heard/respected
  • not being paid enough
  • constantly worrying/thinking about work
  • being laid off
  • fired because of your identity(ies)

Frequently Asked Questions

When's the last time you let yourself dream?

Staying in your comfort zone feels safe but you need the room to grow outside of the bounds of your fears.

Sometimes a little support is all you need to let yourself be brave.

I've been honored to guide really brave souls who were ready to do the hard work of healing—

Here are some of the results of their hard work:

  • noticeable progress on the journey of healing
  • finding their voice again and living authentically
  • tackling shame and imposter gremlins (even turning the gremlins into real-life crochet stuffies!)
  • gaining clarity about what work/life harmony means to them and then creating and acting on a place to support that harmony,
  • the courage to stand up for themselves and set healthy boundaries

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