Tired of Crying in Your Cubicle?

Let’s make a plan:

Life isn't separate from work and work isn't separate from life. Work, home, family, health, leisure—all of these things impact one another, and it can be easy to feel off-balance, overwhelmed, or like something has to give.

What if your work was more than just paying your bills, but a tool for your personal self-development and expression?

My unique blend of counseling and coaching services meets you on your journey. Together, we'll find clarity about what is holding you back and then recalibrate so that you can feel confident and fulfilled in all the meaningful realms of your life.

This is your one life. It’s time to enjoy it.

When your life and work are constantly stressful, draining, and demoralizing, it's impossible to bring your best self to the table.

Do you find yourself:

  • Tired of being told you’re too sensitive, bossy, or assertive?
  • Dreading Sunday nights before your work week even begins?
  • Finding yourself catering to everyone else’s emotions or priorities?
  • Exhausted by ignoring micro-aggressions about your identities?

My unique process helps you re-discover the passion and meaning in your life and work on a plan to bring more fulfillment in your day-to-day by creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you can reflect, learn and grow into the next phase of your journey.

Hi, I'm Amanda.
Nice to Meet you.

Portrait of Amanda Chenkin

Amanda Chenkin, LCPC, NCC

Choosing Yourself Works.

You've tried choosing everyone else first—managing angry bosses, out–of–control workloads, and toxic workplaces. Or maybe the burnout you're feeling is the result of old patterns and personal gremlins. 

As a counselor and career coach, my style is direct and compassionate as I both support and challenge you on your growth journey.

I will help you to lean into the challenges that may be keeping you from building your most meaningful pathway in life. Your challenges are your opportunities! Combining coaching and counseling, I will be there to help you identify these opportunities and to navigate both seen and unseen obstacles along the way.

No matter where the problems are stemming from or how long you've been facing them, you can get clear on what's holding you back and build an intentional life (and career) where you can be unapologetically you.

"Amanda has a way of teaching that is very relatable and understandable. After just an hour and a half of going through the card sorts together, I left knowing that I could do the card sorts with clients efficiently and communicate with my clients how they can be helpful. The information she shared with me is so worthwhile, especially in this economy and with how we are reframing what work and career actually mean to us. Thank you, Amanda!"

- Catherine, LCPC

"I was fortunate to work with Amanda when she was a part-time coach at Columbia University School of Professional Studies. When I first met Amanda, I instantly gravitated toward her kindness and warm personality which made it easy for me to be transparent with her throughout the time we worked together. She's a great listener and truly cares about our students. I appreciate Amanda's dedication to the individual she is working with."

- Kat, Career Coach

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Work Your Magic Help Clients Navigate Career/Work Issues with Ease

Let’s be honest. Your clients' issues with work and mental health aren't separate, despite what you might have learned in school—they are deeply intertwined.

When your clients bring up issues in their work life, you don't need to rush to send them to a career counselor or coach for resume help.

With the right knowledge and tools, you can help them. Let me show you how.

Introducing Career-Consulting for Therapists

Career counseling is so much more than fixing resumes and administering personality assessments. It's about using your skills as a therapist to show your clients where their existing patterns might keep them in workplace distress and toxic work environments.

When you sign up for a paid consultation, we will:

  • Incorporate ways to overlay career development theories and frameworks over your existing approach
  • Identify creative interventions designed to help clients get unstuck
  • Extend your understanding of career issues to have a more holistic approach to healing.