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Seeing clients virtually or in person in Towson, MD!

Amanda Chenkin, LCPC, NCC (she/her)

Amanda Chenkin loves roller coasters, traveling, and exploring the food scene with her partner and dog in Baltimore, MD. Professionally, she’s accrued some letters and worked in non-profits and education.

She is the founder and owner of Choice Career Counseling, LLC. She holds an LCPC (MD, DC, CO) and CCC (Certified Career Counselor through the National Career Development Association, a division of ACA).

She has 20 years of experience in the field of career development, about half of that time as a counselor. As an active member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), she is a mentor for the NCDA Mentorship Program, a Certified Career Counselor Credential Reviewer, and a co-presenter at the 2017 and 2024 Annual NCDA Global Conference. She’s also appeared on several podcasts on topics such as career trauma, imposter gremlins, and workplace mental health and well-being. Head over to the Blog page to listen or read the transcripts.

She looks forward to meeting you!

As a counselor and career coach, her style is direct and compassionate as she both supports and challenges you on your growth journey.

I'm Passionate About:

Career Development

Since the earliest days of my career, I have loved walking alongside people in their career journeys because I have seen the ways that work can both traumatize us and give us opportunities to heal.

Equitable Workplaces

I am passionate about helping organizations and individuals recognize and begin to dismantle the systems that continue to oppress while building spaces where all truly feel welcomed and respected.

Work/Life Integration

Work, home, family, health, leisure—all of these things impact one another, and it can be easy to feel off-balance, overwhelmed, or like something has to give. I'm here to help you recalibrate, so that you can feel confident and fulfilled in all the meaningful realms of your life. 

I love chatting about the above issues as well as many others that exist in the fusion between work and mental health. Want to listen to me chat with other experts about these issues and more? Head on over to my blog. Want me to come on your podcast or talk to your group? Contact me to connect.

Are We the Right Match?

I love helping my clients find their voice and have the confidence to use it—both at home and in the office.

You’re Ready to Grow

You have been trying to do things on your own and still feel stuck. You know you will benefit from having someone ask questions (in a non-judgemental, supportive way) that make you think and process the feelings and beliefs that come with those thoughts

You’re Committed

We are committed to you and ask that you be equally committed. Commitment in this space looks like showing up as your whole self (or at least trying) and doing the hard work. It means being prepared for sessions and doing work between sessions. In return, we commit to showing up as our whole selves and being open to feedback.

You’re Ready to Invest

You know that investing in yourself is true self-care and that if you invest in yourself, you can be the person you want to be to the important people in your life. Investing in yourself is putting your oxygen mask on first to become the person you want to be for yourself and others.

I want to partner with my clients at their pace instead of being restricted by insurance limitations (such as required diagnosis and overly specific treatment plans) so I do not accept insurance.

Investing in yourself can feel overwhelming but the rewards will be felt in every area of your life. My counseling and coaching services are designed to work together according to the needs of each client to build a pathway to their best life.

My current rate is $225 for a 50-minute session and I offer package options upon request. While I don't bill your insurance directly, they may reimburse you for your sessions and I am happy to provide a receipt for you to submit. Check with your insurance company to determine your benefits.

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